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In all of my research with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have noticed that most try to eat better and healthier. I would love to purchase all organic fruits and vegetables but from a price standpoint, I don’t feel that is practical. I decided that since I live in Zone 6, have a backyard with plenty of room that gets full sun, and the determination, I would grow my first garden as an adult! My husband and parents doubt my ability to do this – so I’m determined to prove them wrong!

I grew a garden when I was a child with my Dad and had a grandfather that grew everything under the sun for years and years. So, I have a tiny bit of experience. However, I have been researching and planning for a few weeks now and finally ordered my seeds and plants. I actually earned cash back for my order by using Ebates to order from Burpee Gardening. They had a great cash back of 7% at the time and also a 20% coupon off my entire purchase. I love saving money!

The plants that I ordered include: red potatoes, strawberries, three different kinds of tomatoes, two different kinds of bell peppers, cucumbers, bush beans, cantaloupe, two varieties of lettuce including a heat tolerant blend, carrots, garlic, basil, oregano, cilantro, and some lavender to grow in a few other beds. I also ordered some peas, beets, cabbage and broccoli plants.

The reason for my picks? These are all things we will eat through out the summer and most of it can be frozen or stored for over the winter. For the herbs, I plan on drying some and then freezing some in olive oil or making them into paste for freezing. The peppers will freeze diced or sliced, the garlic can be stored dried, beans can be frozen, potatoes parboiled and frozen, same with the strawberries. The only things are the cucumbers and tomatoes and I may have to experiment with canning. We will just have to see.

My seeds and plants are ordered and the plants will ship when it is time to plant in my zone. I also ordered SeaWeed plant food and an organic pesticide, fungicide. In a few weeks we will rent a tiller and till up the plot and begin preparing it for the first to be planted: strawberries, garlic, and potatoes. I have the plan drawn out on a grid paper and plan to put a garden fence around the garden to keep our Chocolate Lab from thinking he hit the mother load of all digging areas in the yard.

The final prep thing I have to do is build a rain barrel that I will be placing on the back of the house at two different gutter locations. This should allow us to water the garden without having it show on our water bill. Let’s just hope for some decent rain this spring and in to summer.

I will update frequently as I plant and as things grow with pictures. Stay tuned for Garden Adventure 2013. If you have any suggestions for this first time gardener, please let me know.