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I’m excited today to be guest posting over at Knoxville Mom’s Blog. I hope you will check out my post “When Development Isn’t Normal”.  It details my experience with my daughter not hitting developmental milestones and what can be done to help your child who is struggling. 

When I brought home my daughter from the hospital, she didn’t come with an instruction manual. I was fortunate enough to be involved in a great program in town called Healthy Families. They provided services to first time Mom’s including developmental milestone screenings. My daughter performed great until about 6 months and then we started seeing a delay in communication.

This delay worsened and a referral to Early Intervention was made to get my daughter the services she needed to overcome her speech delay. It is so very important to be on top of development and not to “wait it out”. Waiting it out could make it harder for your child to overcome the delay and may keep you from getting services available in your state that won’t cost you a thing! 

I hope you will hop on over to Knoxville Mom’s Blog and check out my post!