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I have always been a bit temperamental when it comes to the medical profession. I have been known to walk out of offices when I have not been seen past my appointment time. I’m not talking half an hour, I’ll give them an hour and then I usually start thinking of walking out. However, if I’m late to my appointment they are quick to cancel and charge me a fee. I do feel that my time is just as valuable as a Doctors.

However, what happened today was probably the worst thing I have ever experienced in my entire life. A week and a half ago, I saw the Nurse Practitioner at the Gynecologist office. After a very short appointment, she scheduled me for a hysterectomy for today, June 26th. I never had an opportunity to even meet with the Doctor that would perform the surgery. When I spoke with the person that does scheduling for surgery, I advised her that I had questions. I was told to ask the Doctor the morning of the surgery when she came in to see me.

Yesterday, I did the prep that I was supposed to – liquids only past noon and instead of magnesium citrate, due to my bariatric surgery, I did a few rounds of Milk of Magnesia. I didn’t sleep much last night because I was nervous and had more questions than I felt comfortable with. I finally passed out at 2am and was up at 5:30 to get ready to head to the hospital. As I waited in the surgery waiting room, my nerves were increasing. I had some very real concerns about a surgery that I really didn’t need, wasn’t medically necessary, and I had read a lot of horror stories in regards to the da vinci robot hysterectomy.

When I was called back to the room to get prepped for surgery, I don’t like surprises. I’ll admit. I’m a bit of a nervous nelly when it comes to surgery type stuff and since I’ve had a lot, I’m getting better as long as their are no surprises. First surprise was 2 IV’s for this surgery – one in each arm. I know to most that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it wasn’t until recently that I could actually get through having an IV started on me. Also, IV’s tend to mess up my arm for awhile so having both arms out of commission for a week or more was not acceptable to me.

The clincher though – I had a lot of questions regarding the surgery and I was in tears. I needed to speak with the doctor and get my questions answered before I was going to continue forward with the surgery. The nurse said she would call the Doctor. She came back in the room and said that Doctor wasn’t coming to answer my questions. She didn’t have time for that. If I had questions, then to go home and reschedule through her office. I have never in my entire life been blown off by a Doctor right before surgery. I’ve always had surgeons pop in and answer any questions that I have and even one time before my bariatric surgery, I was a bit in freak out mode, and requested to speak with the Doctor prior to getting the IV and things started and he came and put me at ease.

I walked out of the surgery unit and went home in tears. I was completely ticked off and very offended that a woman, a Doctor, couldn’t give a few extra minutes to answer questions for a patient that was about to undergo major surgery. It blows my mind. Needless to say, I’m not going to remain a patient of this Doctor.

I came home and called the gynecologist that took care of me when I was pregnant with my son 7 years ago. I have an appointment to see him next Wednesday. Different hospital and I certainly hope a different outcome.

Have you ever encountered a Doctor that completely blew you off right before surgery? How did you handle it?

**Update: On Monday, I received a registered letter from the hateful Doctor’s office that I had to sign for. It was informing me that I was no longer a patient of theirs because “I had missed to many appointments.” Really? I never missed a single appointment until I walked out of surgery and SHE was the one that said to “Go home and reschedule if I had questions”.

I saw a different Doctor this past week who was shocked that surgery was even recommended. He couldn’t believe she had never examined me, ordered an ultrasound, nothing. Her Nurse Practitioner just scheduled me for a surgery that I didn’t even need! He is trying me on some new medication and says surgery is a last resort not a first option in this case. Makes me even more glad that I walked out of pre-op on June 26th**