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After any type of weight loss surgery, you will be required to take Vitamins to remain healthy. This is especially true after the BPD/DS due to the malabsorption. Let me start off by saying that no one is perfect when it comes to Vitamins. I know you will see some on the message boards harp about them and even scare you about them, but no one is perfect. We do the best we can each and every day and then we get up the next day and try again. That includes me. I have not been the best about my vitamins, however, I do get my labs checked and address those areas where I’m low first and foremost.

So with all the vitamin plans out there from the surgeon’s office to ads you see on the internet for specific bariatric vitamins to trying to wing it on your own – the best plan that I have found and have used is from Vitalady. Vitalady had weight loss surgery and has devoted her life to ensuring we have a good vitamin plan and good quality vitamins to remain healthy. She and her staff will assist you by answering questions even look at your labs and advise you on what vitamins you need. I can’t say enough good things about her.

She has a plan for those that had gastric bypass as well as the BPD/DS. You can buy the vitamins in individual bottles or she now has pre-packaged vitamins for each time of the day for 30 days or longer. I started out with the vitamins pre-packaged until I got the hang on it. I would take my packets with me through out the day and take the pills until they were gone. Once I got the hang of it, I went ahead and bought the pills in the individual bottles and each week I would fix my vitamins in to a pill box and get them organized. I found the easiest pill system for me was using one that was extra deep and had four times per day. Each day was separate so that I could grab it and throw it in my purse and take it with me during the day. I really love the one that I use and can’t recommend it enough. You can get it from Amazon.

The one thing that I did find is that some of the sublinguals I could not due, specifically the B1 at bedtime. It was just nasty. However, I found a different B1 vitamin at GNC that had the same mg and I use that. The other two sublinguals for B’s are not bad. However, the B with energy is a bit bitter compared to the B without energy boost. Also, make sure when you take the B Complex, you take it with food since if you don’t, it will cause Niacin Flush which is uncomfortable but short lived. Your face will flush and then you might feel a bit weird for 20 minutes or so.

Whatever you do, find what works for you and make sure you keep up with your labs. Your labs are your guide to what you really need to work on should you have trouble taking all the vitamins each and every day.