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Sometimes, you just have to go for it! You have to turn off common sense, forget doing what you should, and just go for it. That was my idea when in mid February I was just checking out the Disney Cruise Line website to see how high the prices had gotten.

Spring break was coming up in March, winter had been HORRIBLE, at least for us here. It was much worse other places, but we really aren’t used to snow, extreme cold, etc. The kids had been out of school for 8 snow days, which hasn’t happened in a log time. My daughter was burned out on school and her behavior and grades were showing that. I was burned out on everything. So, when I saw that the price on a 3-night cruise during spring break was much lower than the rest of the cruises around it, it hit me. That’s a price I’m willing to pay to go on DCL again. That’s what we need – a getaway to do something FUN! This is against my planning nature as I usually plan out our vacations a year or more in advance, but I thought what the heck – let’s try it out!

Should we have spent the money? Probably not! Was it well worth it? A thousand times YES. It was just what we all needed to hit the “reset” button and be able to pull ourselves out of our winter time funk and get excited about Spring and Summer. I booked the cruise and didn’t tell the kids a single thing about it. I mentioned we were going somewhere, but didn’t tell them where. I wanted it to be a surprise. I did REALLY good at keeping it a secret until the night before we were to leave and it just slipped out unexpectedly when having a conversation with my husband. The kids were over the top excited!

We have been on two DCL cruises in the past and when they started sailing with the new ships, the prices shot through the roof. I thought, and had told the children, we probably wouldn’t ever be able to sail on Disney again because it was just too darn expensive! They immediately began talking about the AquaDuck and how excited they were. This would be our first time on one of the newer ships, the Dream.

We drove down to Orlando the night before the cruise and spent the night on Disney property through our Disney Vacation Club timeshare. The kids got to swim for a few hours that night and we all got a good night sleep prior to heading to Port Canaveral the next day. Embarkation went smoothly, we got on the ship and had a nice lunch, the kids again ran in to Chip and Dale who escorted us to the kids club to look around and play for awhile until the cabins were ready.

This was a short 3-night trip down to Nassau and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. Our first cruise was a 3-night and they are so short that you feel like you haven’t had time to unwind completely and experience all there is to experience. However, it was enough to let us all have fun. For me, it was great to have my meals cooked for me, the room cleaned up twice a day, and having the kids club to check the kids in to for awhile in the evenings. Adult time is so nice and the kids LOVED the clubs as usual.

So, without further rambling, below are some of the pictures of our quick trip to restore sanity. It was enough to convince us we had to do it again, a 7-night next year, and we found that we would give up our balcony and take an inside stateroom so we could go on Disney again next year! I can’t say enough about how great DCL is compared to other lines. You get what you pay for and MORE.

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