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I decided to start some of my seeds indoors to transplant out in the garden in a few weeks. I thought it would be fun for the kids to watch the plants come to life. I purchased two 72 cell seed starting kits from Burpee Gardening and decided last Saturday I would plant the seeds that I wanted to start. I followed the directions to expand the dirt tablets and off to planting I went. I planted my two varieties of green beans, cucumbers, cantaloupes, and all my herbs. I placed them on my dining room table as it is a quiet place where I can control the light and the temperature is steady.

Seeds on day 4
Second tray on Day 4

I figured it would take at least a week before I would see anything, but on Tuesday I had sprouts! I have since learned that some people say that cucumbers don’t like to be transplanted, but I have found some that have had success. I have decided that I will transplant and direct seed the cucumbers to make sure I have enough plants to produce what I’m looking for.

These seeds have taken off this week. I have most of my seeds up except for a few of the herbs and a few more green beans are working their way up. I decided yesterday to remove the covers and give them some sunlight from the window. As you will see the cucumbers started to head for the light! I am lightly misting the trays in the mornings and again in the evening if they feel dry. I didn’t anticipate these things taking off so quick so I guess I”ll be transplanting them in to the garden sooner than I had planned.

Seeds on day 6
Heading towards the light!

Now that I have successfully grown these seedlings, I’m confident that I’ll be able to seed broccoli and cabbage towards the end of the summer for transplant out for a fall harvest of those two. Thank you Burpee Gardening for creating such an easy kit for first time gardeners to start seeds inside!

Stay tuned for updates on the garden and things that are directly planted already outside and on the process of transplanting my little seedlings in a few weeks!