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I absolutely love skillet fried potatoes. I make them as a side dish for dinners, a side dish for breakfast, and sometimes just to eat as a snack if I have left overs. I especially like making them to go with eggs and bacon in the morning. Last night, I didn’t feel like cooking what I had planned for that night over a month ago. I decided to find an alternative meal and soon was on my way to fixing skillet fried potatoes and a crustless quiche. We had breakfast for dinner!

These are super easy and you can vary the spices to your taste and vary them based on the meal you are pairing them with. I was fortunate enough to have fresh potatoes and onions from my garden to make this recipe. All organic and I grown in my yard. The Rosemary was also picked from my backyard for the spices in this dish.

Skillet Fried Potatoes

4 Cups diced yukon gold or red potatoes
2 Tbsp Canola Oil
1/2 Vidalia Onion, chopped.
2 Cloves Fresh Garlic, minced
1/2 Tbsp Fresh Rosemary, chopped.
2 tsp Smoked Paprika
1/2 tsp Red Pepper
Salt and Pepper to taste

1. Dice potatoes and onion.

2. Bring a pot of boiling water to a rolling boil in a saucepan. (approximately 4 cups of water)

3. Add potatoes and par-boil for approximate five minutes.

4. Add oil to a skillet, preferably cast iron. I used a regular skillet since I don’t have a cast iron one.

5. Add onions and saute for 5 minutes, or until they start to turn brown.

6. Add garlic, potatoes, and spices to the skillet.

7. Saute until they are crisp and brown.

8. Season with salt and pepper.

When I fixed this for dinner to go with the quiche, I halved the recipe as it was just my husband and I and I used the three potatoes that I had pulled out of the garden this past weekend.

The original recipe can be found on the New South Food Company site, Skillet Potatoes.