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Growing up, my Grandmother would fix these cakes for Easter to hand out to all her friends. They were 2 layer cakes covered in coconut that was colored green. The top had jelly beans all over and it looked like an Easter Basket. I decided to take her idea and make it in miniature size with cupcakes instead! These Easter cupcakes are simple to put together! This is a really easy treat to make for your kids, a class, or for dessert at your Easter meal for the kids.

Use any boxed cake mix and prepare according to the directions. For these, I used a lemon flavored cake mix to give a taste of spring!

Once the cupcakes are cool, ice with your favorite white icing. I love the cream cheese frosting. You can even color the icing green if you want to for an increased grass look!

Take some shredded coconut and using green food coloring, color it green to be the grass on the top of the cupcake. Spread evening over top of the iced cupcake. Top with mini jelly beans to give the appearance of Easter Eggs! It’s that simple!