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I grew up with a dog who was my childhood friend from the time I was 4 until I was 18. Though at the time, he was an outside dog until he was very old. When I was an adult in my first apartment, I knew a dog wasn’t likely so I started out with a cat who was my buddy for 12 years. My cat, Kiwi, loved me more than anything I had ever known. When he got sick and had to be put to sleep when I was pregnant with my first child, I was devastated. But it was the love of another pet of ours that got me through.

It wasn’t until I was about to get married and have a house that I got my first dog as an adult. I was in Petsmart one day with my future husband and his dog, Gordon. It was adoption day and they had a cute puppy in a play pen and I had to go take a look. I picked her up and she “licked” my face! Needless to say, she came home!

She was a cute little brown and black puppy that was loving and sweet and for a puppy, she was easy. She was easy to housebreak, she didn’t chew anything, she was great! I called her Roxy. She became my girl and when we moved across the country a short time later, she was the one we brought with us. Three days on the road and two nights in a hotel jumping from bed to bed like she was a kid on a trampoline.

She was a great addition to our family and continued to be an easy dog. She greeted us each time we came home with her favorite toy. She came to bed with us at night. She was our girl. Then I got pregnant and Roxy’s role changed slightly. She stepped it up and became not only my girl, but my protector. She stayed with me anywhere in the house I went. She put herself between me and anyone that came to the door or entered in to the house. She took care of me. This continued after the birth of my daughter – Roxy protected her the same way.

Roxy knew I was pregnant the second time before I even knew. We had just gotten a new pup, Brownie, and my husband was out of town for work. I had to take the pup out in the middle of the night and Roxy went out and brought him back to the door so I didn’t have to go out and get him in the dark. I found out a week later, I was pregnant. She never had done that again, only that one time when I was here alone at night.

To this day, Roxy is the protector of the family and also still my girl. She is 10 now and age is catching up with her. She doesn’t walk so good anymore and she battles with anxiety over storms, heavy rain, and sometimes for no reason at all. She doesn’t see as well anymore and it breaks my heart to see her sleep most of the time. Though she still takes her job seriously. She gets up to greet us each time we come home. She still manages to get up the steps to come to bed with us at night. She still puts herself between me and the kids and anyone that comes to the door or enters the house. She is loyal and loves us unconditionally. We love her dearly!