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When I got my surgery date finally, I then began working towards the pre-op diet. My particular surgeon wanted us on protein shakes and protein bars for the month leading up to surgery. I admit, I really had a hard time with this one. I couldn’t tolerate the protein bars the surgeon sold and the shakes were just not working for me. I found that on my way home from work, I would go through a drive through for a burger to get some type of sensation of eating and being satisfied. Of course, that defeated the purpose the pre-op diet.

I reached out to the nutritionist for assistance and all I got was to eat the bars and drink the shakes. Well, to me, there is more than one way to accomplish anything. At my two week lab visit prior to surgery, I asked the goal of the pre-op diet and was told it was to shrink my liver.

I went home and immediately began researching ways to shrink your liver. In all the research that I conduced, they all had a common thread: reduce carbs and increase protein. Well, being that that was how I was going to have to eat after the surgery, it made complete sense to try that and shrink my liver that way.

I began eating more protein, dropped my intake of carbs, and limited myself to a one to two sodas per day (for caffeine purposes). In the two weeks prior to surgery, I lost 12 pounds and after the surgery, the surgeon told my husband that my liver looked great and it was one of the easiest ones he had done.

Though it always best to follow your particular surgeons protocol for the pre-op diet, if you do find yourself struggling and are afraid that you are going to fail, reach for protein and not carbs and that will help you to loose a few pounds prior to surgery and help to shrink your liver.

You can find resources on the high protein/low carb diet at websites such as http:www.atkins.com, and a list of high protein foods can be found at http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/whattoeat/a/highproteinfood.htm.