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March I have to say was a whirlwind month. I spent most of the month preparing for our mini vacation and cruise over spring break and it was so worth it. We have a wonderful time and it was just what we needed to make it through the rest of the school year. A nice break indeed! However, upon returning I got hit with my usual round of the respiratory crud and have been sidelined for most of the last week of March.

Here is a re-cap of my priorities and goals for this year.

Personal Priorities for 2014


1. Loose 30 pounds – Being on prednisone for a year has had some negative consequences
2. Catch up on the scrapbooks for the kids – I’m 2 years behind!
3. Complete a list of 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days, which I will post up on Detours in Life
4. Complete my sewing projects
5. Write weekly in my journal
6. Make a quilt

Blog/Business Goals

1. Launch the Road Trip Survival blog and reach 5,000 views per month
2. Reach 30,000 views per month on Detours in Life
3. Attend 1 blog conference
4. Set up an Etsy store and start selling my own products
5. Publish 2 e-books
6. Solid Business Plan


1. Spend more quality time together by having weekly activities with each child.
2. Focus more on the positive instead of the negative.
3. Be more respectful of each other and the house
(I realize these are not measurable, but I will know I have accomplished them when things start to be better and happier)


1. Learn to adhere to our budget
2. Pay off two debts

House Projects 

1. Good cleaning schedule that I can stick with.
2. Re-do the kids rooms
3. Re-do the dining room
4. Re-do the office
5. Re-do hallway upstairs/stairs/entry way
6. Start kitchen/living room remodel
7. Paint the exterior shutters

Well, I can say that I didn’t get to far on any of my goals this month at all. I was so busy trying to prepare for vacation by writing ahead and working ahead on everything that goals got pushed aside for the month.

Personal areas: I am still working on getting back on my low carb diet. I have lost 5 pounds, which isn’t much, but with everything going on – it is a start. I also have purchased a planner and a journal notebook so that I can get more organized with my days and ensure that each priority for the week is being handled accordingly. I love paper and pen and having it where I can cross something off my life makes me feel like I accomplished it!

Business areas: The blogs are rolling along. Road Trip has been growing and should come in for March with a double in traffic over February. Great growth for that blog. Detours is hanging in there but not really growing and I haven’t pinpointed as to why. Any words of advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Family areas: We had a great trip over spring break and it was nice to spend time with the kids and  get to spend some time alone while they were in the kids club. We booked another cruise for next year, a 7 night, and can’t wait to go!

Home areas: No new developments on home improvement during March. I didn’t want to start a large project and have that stress when I was preparing for our trip and knowing someone would be staying at the house while we were gone. I’m hoping to get back to the home improvement projects in April or May.

If you would like to join up with us this year to work through your priorities, grab a button and join the link below! We’d love to have you along for the journey! Check out some of the other updates below to see how others are doing as well!

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