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July is done in a blink of an eye!  It has been so hard to focus on things this month once again. I will be very happy when the kids start back to school in August and things can get back to normal around here.

A recap of my new Personal Priorities for 2014:

Personal Priorities for 2014


1. Loose 15 pounds
2. Work on improving my anxiety and depression
3. Catch up on the scrapbooks for the kids – I’m 2 years behind!
4. Complete a list of 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days, which I will post up on Detours in Life
5. Find a full time position where I can work from home until my businesses are stronger.
6. Find a new Rheumatologist that will find a treatment that will work and will care how I’m doing.

Blog/Business Goals

1. Continue to grow Family Vacay, which is the new name of Road Trip Survival.
2. Continue to grow Detours in Life.
3. Launch our new business and website, Family Time Travelers.


1. Spend more quality time together by having weekly activities with each child.
2. Focus more on the positive instead of the negative.
3. Be more respectful of each other and the house
(I realize these are not measurable, but I will know I have accomplished them when things start to be better and happier)


1. Learn to adhere to our budget

House Projects 

1. Good cleaning schedule that I can stick with.
2. Re-do the kids rooms
3. Re-do the dining room
4. Re-do the office
5. Re-do hallway upstairs/stairs/entry way

Personal areas: My health has been holding steady this month. I am not on any RA medications at this point and I am getting used to the daily pain and what activities will trigger it. I’m still battling with almost daily headaches, but I have finally found some medicine to help with that if I catch it early. Thank goodness! In the month of July, I started drinking more water and I’m tracking that daily. Not doing great every day, but I’m getting there. 

Business areas: When school starts back in a few weeks, I can finally get around to launching the other sites and my website design business, Kiwicat Designs. I’m also working on an Etsy store, Kiwicat Creations. I have been busy busy with dog sitting this summer and that business is really doing well for me. I’m hoping to expand it as well when the kids head back to school in a week.

Family areas: Survival is the name of the game still right now. However, I did move the kids to a different day camp, where they used to go to daycare for many years and they are MUCH happier there. We have started soccer for the fall and school starts on the 11th of August. Woo hoo!

Home areas: Ella’s room is finally done and we are saving up to purchase the remaining flooring to move forward with the rest of the house. The kitchen might get moved up as we had a dishwasher leak and it ruined the current laminate that is in there. This is why I want to go back to tile in the kitchen – wood and laminate have no place in a kitchen that has spills, kids, and a dog bowl.

That’s about it for me this month!

If you would like to join up with us this year to work through your priorities, grab a button and join the link below! We’d love to have you along for the journey! Check out some of the other updates below to see how others are doing as well!

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