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My pantry is one of those areas that has driven me crazy since we purchased this house over 7 years ago. As I was thinking of something that I could do to make my life more organized, a pantry makeover was one of those things that I had to do. I originally started out with just wanting to organize the shelves better and then the makeover took on a life of it’s own!

I have always wanted a nice pantry where I could store lots of things and organize it well so that it looked like those pantries that I always see in magazines. However, my pantry is not what I would have chosen in my house, but it’s what I have with no way to expand or relocate it. So, I decided I needed to make it as functional as possible and look nice so that I don’t go crazy having to hunt things every time I opened a door.

I began by ordering some additional storage containers that I needed for the pantry for items like Oats, Macaroni Noodles, things that I keep a lot of normally and use frequently. It takes up less room and I can see easily when I’m about to be out of something. I also ordered some other items that I used to re-organize the spice rack and the medicine cabinet which I’ll show you in a later post. Let me just say, the medicine cabinet was looking more and more like a “junk drawer” but in cabinet form.

As I was looking at the pantry, the walls in there haven’t been painted since the house was built and they were definately showing their age. I decided that since I was pulling everything out, why not paint! But what color to paint? The trim color of the house? The kitchen wall color? Nope! I decided that since the pantry is closed the majority of the time, it was the perfect place to pick a paint color that was “me”. It didn’t have to match the decor of the house really and could be fun. I went with “Watermellon Smoothie”. Yep! Bright Pink! And I LOVE how it turned out. I also needed to repaint the doors and trim which meant a new trim color for the house. Finally, I needed to get rid of the contractor grade door knobs and since they didn’t have to really be functional, it was a good time to get ones that would match the rest of the house as we transition all our door knobs over to push instead of twist due to my hands.

So this is the finished product! I had added in the shelving at the bottom awhile back and I have utilized the high ceiling in the pantry by adding additional shelving up in there for things that don’t need to come down often. I also placed plastic containers that store items that were cluttering up my drawers in the kitchen but not used a lot. There is even a place for my daughter’s Easy Bake Oven! Everything is neatly in it’s place, cans are stacked so that I can see them and goods like Flour are in nice plastic storage containers with these cute Chalk Board Labels that I found at Amazon.

The only thing I’m still wanting to do is get lighting in to the pantry. That is a bit more complicated. I did try a motion detector LED light that didn’t work but did allow me to get a little light on one of my darker shelves. However, getting light in to the entire pantry is still a work in progress. Perhaps I need to learn to do electrical work!