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I am working my way through the house slowly making over each room. I want each room to be fresh, functional, and not show signs of destruction from the kids or dogs. I have completed the bathroom upstairs and now it was time to tackle the office! This office makeover took longer than I expected, but it was an involved project.

The old office had many issues! First, it had carpet that had been there since the house was built – 13 years. It had seen better days and with dogs and kids and two people sharing an office, it needed to go. The second major problem was no storage! I have to admit, I have A LOT of stuff! I have craft stuff, files, kids artwork, sewing stuff, and of course computer stuff. There was just no where to put all this “stuff”. Finally, due to the clutter and lack of storage, I just had no room to do anything in the office. I often found my desk completely covered in stuff.

When I started out with this project, I had these goals in mind:

  • Increase Storage
  • Make the room fresh and functional
  • Address the carpet – replace the flooring
  • Have a nice spot to work on crafts, sew, and be on the computer

The first step was to paint over the purple walls. When we moved in to the house, I wanted a purple office and that was great for a few years but I was tired of it. I picked a nice shade of gray that has blue tones to it. It is part of the same shade that will eventually be in the dining room across the hall.

Second came the flooring. I did my research on flooring and ordered a sample from a company I found online, Builders Direct. The sample was free and it looked great when I received it. This was the cheapest way to get the flooring that I needed as I am going to put the same in the entry way, dining room, and living room as I work my way through the first floor.  I went ahead and decided to put a laminate floor product in the office that is wide plank, darker, and has a hand hewn feel to it. It was a bit hard to get the carpet up and we discovered there were some cracks in the concrete sub-floor that needed to be sealed. That was easy enough to do with a silicone product, but had to wait for it to cure/dry.

The flooring took two days to install and included laying down a water barrier and padding product in one. It rolled out and I used some tape to secure it as necessary. The flooring went down easily once we got it started! Getting it started is the hardest part as the floor tends to move each row until it gets heavy enough to stay put. That was the most frustrating part of laying laminate floor.

Finally, there was storage and a desk space. Originally, I had drawn out a sketch to have a custom wall unit made but that was going to take too much time and cost more than I had hoped. I decided then to go with pre-made cabinets, the cheapest I could find at Home Depot, and finish them myself by painting them the same white as the trim color in the room. I went with primer included in the paint color to save some time, yet it still took 4 good coats on the cabinets to get them looking the way I wanted. I was able to get all the hardware that I needed for them in a package of 10 so it really saved a lot of money from having to buy the pieces individually.

Finally, I needed a desk surface and something to cover the tops of the base cabinets. I looked at pre-cut laminate countertops, but that didn’t work for me. I needed two different heights. I went with a wood board that I painted a shade darker than the wall color and then finished with two top coats of polyurethane to protect it.

I now have a nice, organized space where I can work on craft projects, be on the computer, and sew when I want. Everything is stored away in the cabinets and out of sight! My husband has a nice space where his things are all organized and put away and we no longer have the clutter issue we once had. Once the puppy no longer needs her crate, we plan to put a nice chair in that corner of the room for reading. I am very happy with how it turned out. The total budget for the entire project was under $1500. Much more than I had originally planned, due to having to buy pre-made cabinets.