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One of the best tips that I discovered when I was working and getting home right at dinner time, was to utilize my freezer! I didn’t do all the freezer meals, though I know that many have had a lot of success with that. For me, I utilized my freezer in a few different ways to make meal prep easy and to get dinner on the table fast! I’m going to share those tips with you today in meal prep – use the freezer!

  • Let’s say you have some meals planned for the week that require vegetables like peppers and onions like in a casserole or in quesadillas. These can easily be chopped/diced up ahead of time and frozen. When they thaw, they will of course not be as crunchy as they would fresh, but if you are sautéing or putting in a casserole, they will be just fine and it saves time!
  • If you fix chili, vegetable soup, meatloaf, or certain casseroles – make double the portion and freeze one for later in the week or in a few weeks. All of these things will freeze well and thaw out. Below I have included some of my favorite meals that I have frozen and used later.
  • Prepare meals on the weekend and freeze for later in the week. Below are some of my favorite freezer meals. This works well also for taco kits: make the meat and freeze it. Fajita kits – meat frozen in marinade and it will marinade great as it thaws in the fridge. You can also prepare the onions and peppers ahead and freeze them. Place all the ingredients in a larger bag and label.

Great Freezer Meals

Pizza Casserole (Use regular pasta and not low carb)

Meatloaf (bake ahead and then freeze)

Pork Carnitas (shred for tacos later in the week)

Beef Meatballs (for use in spaghetti or meatball subs)

Easy Vegetable Beef Soup

Amazing Chicken Chili

Savannah Tailgate Chili

Shredded Chicken

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 What are your time savers for getting meals on the table fast during the week? Do you do a whole month of freezer meals or do you work ahead on the weekend with meal prep? Leave me a comment below!