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My laundry room is not really a room like I would prefer. It is a closet in my upstairs hallway. I don’t have a way to have a sink for messy things or soaking stained items, I don’t have good storage, and the laundry seems to live in my hallway in various forms from dirty in this basket to clean in several other baskets. This will continue until I take the clean laundry and dump it all out on my bed, forming Mt. Laundry, and spend what seems like forever folding it and putting it away. 

My option of having my dream laundry room isn’t possible in the house we are in now, so I decided to at least make it a bit more functional and a place where I could enjoy doing laundry as much as one could possible do that. 

I had left over paint from my pantry project. I love the hot pink color and since this is my little space that is normally hidden away from the world, I decided why not! Hot Pink it is! I painted the walls and gave the trim on the doors a new fresh coat with the new trim color that I’m slowly switching the entire house.  

I have these shelves but they were not organized very well. I didn’t have a place for my laundry baskets so they were stored either in the master closet floor or in the floor somewhere on the second floor waiting for more dirty laundry or clean laundry to fill them. 

I re-vamped my shelves a little in that I purchased a different shelf for the side by the dryer where I could put a larger container that houses all my cleaning supplies for the second floor. It also will give me space to hang things right when they come out of the dryer. All my cleaning supplies for the 2nd floor are stored in this handy bucket that I can carry with me from bathroom to bathroom and room to room. This way I don’t have to be carrying around tons of bottles and when I am done, I place it back on the shelf in the laundry room and everything is together! 

I purchased these cute little bins from Hobby Lobby for less than 6 dollars a piece. In one bin I have extra supplies that are being stored in the top right corner. In another one, I have stain remover and other helpful things that I need to get access to easily but don’t need to see all the time. The third one is being used to deposit items that need to be pre-treated. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does they needed a specific place to go besides being on top of the washer or dryer. 

Instead of having the huge bottle of detergent packs where I had to dig my hand in to grab one, I poured them in to a better container for my hands. I can easily grab a pack and drop it in the wash. I took a dollar store plastic shoe box and stored some additional items that are needed from time to time but not all the time. These include washing machine cleaner, bleach pens, and samples of detergent for when I might need something different on a stain. 

The dryer rack was taking up a lot of space on the top shelf, so I moved it down to the floor beside the dryer, against the wall. I know where it is and it is out of the way. That space wouldn’t be used for anything else, so it works. 

I now store my empty baskets on the top shelf so that I always have one when a load of laundry is finished. Then I can fold it as I take it out of the dryer and take it where it needs to go. This is in hopes that I can avoid Mt Laundry and the pain that usually brings for my shoulders and arms. 

I was considering getting a rolling cart to place between he washer and drying to store more items, but with the way the floor is and the lip for the hall carpet, I realized the cart wouldn’t roll smoothly all the way out as there would not be room so I scratched that idea. I’m happy with things at this point with my new re-organized and hot pink laundry area! 

In the future, I may add some additional shelving up towards the ceiling for storing of bulk items like toilet paper and other cleaning supplies to get them out of other areas and up and out of the way. I also will be putting pretty labels on the containers once I get my  new Christmas gift to help me accomplish it!