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Now that the Holidays are approaching, it is a good time to tighten up the budget a little. We love eating at Hibachi style restaurants but it can get expensive. I have put together all the things you need to make a great Hibachi meal at home! It is much cheaper, you can customize your ingredients, and it is fun to get creative with different vegetables and meat options!

The first thing you want to do is to prepare your wonderful Hibachi sauce. It is called Yum Yum Sauce. You want to prepare it the night before if possible, but if you forget, make it the morning that you want to serve Hibachi for dinner. It needs several hours for the flavors to combine!

The next step is to prepare your Hibachi meal and your Fried Rice. I usually use chicken, so this is for Hibachi Chicken. Feel free to use beef, shrimp, even scallops if you like!

The Fried Rice is super simple. This is a quick way to get the taste of fried rice without having to prepare rice a day in advance.

Serve your Hibachi meat and vegetables over the Fried Rice! You can either pour the Yum Yum sauce over top or use it as a dipping sauce. This is one of my families favorite meals to have when we want something different during the week. It also keeps us from stopping by for take out or journeying out for an expensive meal at our favorite Hibachi restaurant!