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This is one of my favorite meals to make at home. It is so simple and completely customizable to your families tastes. I use to love stopping by a take out Hibachi place when I lived on the other side of town. Now that it’s not convenient, I can now make my favorite Hibachi Chicken or Steak at home with ease!

I usually make this with chicken, but you can make it with shrimp, beef, or a combo of all three! I start out by cutting up my chicken in to bite size pieces. I heat up some sesame oil in a large pan or wok and then brown my chicken after seasoning with a little salt/pepper.

Once the chicken is cooked, I remove it and then work on the veggies. I use onions and this time I used some mixed stir fry veggies from the freezer – broccoli, carrots, and some red peppers. Once the veggies are cooked and softened, add back in your chicken.

Time for some flavoring! I added in my teriyaki sauce and let the mixture cook for a minute or so. Sometimes I will add in a bit more Teriyaki if I have a lot of veggies or want a stronger flavor. Salt/Pepper to taste! Serve with Fried Rice and some homemade Yum Yum sauce and you have the perfect Hibachi at home!