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This post will be a little different than my typical subjects, but I wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day. I have been so lucky to have wonderful women in my life: my Mother and my Grandmother’s. My Grandmother’s lived to see me reach adult hood and one got to meet my husband. So I feel very fortunate. I just wish they had been able to meet their great grandchildren. My Mom has gotten to see me graduate from HS, College, move all over the country, marry, and enjoy her grandchildren. She has been a huge help to me through out my life and with her grandchildren.

I am also lucky to be a Mom myself to two wonderful children, a girl age 6 1/2 and a boy age 4 1/2. I never realized how hard Motherhood would be or how rewarding at the same time. I have worked for much of their childhood and feel that I have missed out on a lot of things such as school events and helping with their homework until recently when I have been home for the past 5 months. It has felt like a wonderful reprieve from the stress and chaos of having a career. I can be just a “Mom”. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy that since I had always been career focused and trying to “have it all”.

I celebrated this Mother’s Day by sleeping in just a little until 8am, the kids went to the zoo with my husband for awhile so that I could get some of the house clean without them underfoot, and I’m baking lemon sugar cookies for my Mom. I hope that all the Mother’s out there have a great day! We will be back to regular posts tomorrow!