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In working through my goals for 2014, I came across a list of fifty questions that a person should answer to free their mind. The questions were on a site that I found called Marc and Angel Hack Life. I really found it interesting and as I read through them, it was interesting to think about what my responses would be. I decided that I would like to work through each of these questions over the next 50 weeks. I hope you will join me and work through these questions yourself. Feel free to leave a comment with your answer below! 

Question 1: How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?

The interesting thing about this question is that it really depends on the day! There are days when I feel like I am in my 70’s or 80’s physically. Rheumatoid Arthritis causes me pain in my joints and there are days I can’t walk well or use my hands well. Every once in awhile I need a cane to assist me around the house. The physical toll this disease takes on your body along with the side effects of the medicine can make you feel so much older than you are. 

On the flip side, mentally I feel like most of the time I’m still in my 30’s. I still love the same types of music that I did when I was younger and I keep up with it today. I know all the popular songs and looking at the music on my playlists would probably shock some people! ha ha The neat part now about my taste in music is that my daughter recognizes popular songs now and she is amazed when I say that I know a song or I’m singing along to a song that she knows. I guess that makes me “cool” in her eyes at this point. I know that will not continue though the older she gets but for now I enjoy it.

I enjoy the fact that having my children later in life is keeping me young in some ways, though I do look forward to when I can  get my Senior discount at the grocery store and save 5% just because of my age and be able to gripe if I don’t get my AARP discount somewhere. 

If you didn’t know what age you were, how old would you be? Leave me a comment with your answer. If you would like to join me in this journey, let me know and I will set up a link for us to share our answers.