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As I mentioned last week, I have been trying out an online menu planning service over at eMeals. Well, eMeals also has an add on for a weekly breakfast plan so I thought I would give it a try to see if I could boost up my variety for breakfast meals.

The breakfast plan is emailed to you weekly and includes 5 recipes, including one for a brunch type of meal. Each week there is also one day that is a smoothie recipe. The breakfast recipes seem easy to fix and don’t take a lot of time, which is good when you are rushing around in the morning. We have tried several of the breakfast items and some of them I have been impressed and will make again, but I will make a few adjustments to add more flavor.

I have tried two different recipes for breakfast that use hash browns. If you don’t season hash browns a lot, they seem to be extremely bland. The recipes provided by eMeals lack a lot of seasoning on the hash browns and I have found myself wanting to season them more. For example, one dish has hash browns with bacon and eggs over top. I have made this dish twice but the second time I added onions to the hash browns and a little chili pepper and it was MUCH better than just plain hash browns. A second recipe which I will fix again involves making a breakfast casserole overnight in the crock pot. You place sausage on the bottom, an entire bag of hash browns on top, and then eggs mixed with cheese and green onions. I again found the hash browns very bland in this recipe and next time I will use the frozen hash browns that include peppers and onions and probably season the eggs a bit more heavily with some chili powder or season salt.

Overall, if you are the type of person that really struggles with breakfast, then this might help you get on track to eating a healthy breakfast each month. However, if you are just looking for some new ideas, then search for particular recipes online and save your 3 dollars additional per month.