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When I began my weight loss journey, the nutritionist told me to only eat three meals a day. As I began to transition from liquids after surgery to foods, first I didn’t want to eat at all which was unusual for me. However, I found that in order to get all my nutritional needs in for the day, especially protein, I had to eat several smaller meals during the day. My stomach could not hold what it would have needed in three meals to get the nutrition that I needed.

I began eating six mini meals a day. I would fix my breakfast and split it in to two mini meals that I would eat in the morning. I then had my lunch and an afternoon snack/mini meal, dinner, and then one snack/mini meal about two hours after dinner. This worked really well for me because I could make sure that I was getting the nutrition that I needed without having to over stuff myself and risk vomiting. I also used small containers and the smaller salad or dessert plates to keep my portions in line.

I also didn’t want to be totally dependent on protein shakes. I have tried many types of protein shakes and I can only tolerate one to two a day at most. Protein shakes have their uses, but for me, the taste just doesn’t work. I tried ones mixed with water and ones that I mixed with milk. I did find after surgery that I was a little lactose intolerant so that would bother me when drinking a protein shake mixed with milk.

One other consideration with the smaller meals is that I was able to eat when I needed to and that kept me on track. I was able to do high protein and low carb. It kept my energy levels steady as well. I would find that even though I didn’t feel like eating, if I missed a few meals one day I would have a huge dip in energy since my body didn’t have fuel.

To this day, I still find that I do better when I space out my eating. I can eat more normally at meals and some days I need a bit more food than other days. Honestly, I still don’t have a lot of “hunger pains” and if I get really busy I do forget to eat. It really is an odd thing given how much I ate pre-surgery. I do eat more carbs now that I’m three years out. My weight has stayed steady except for some gain due to being on prednisone for a long period of time. Once I’m off the prednisone, I know that I can drop my carbs, increase my protein, and the pounds will fall back off.