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Yesterday I talked about implementing chores for both kids. To help them to accomplish this, I have created a chore chart for each child and placed it on the refrigerator. This chart was easy to create  as I found these sheets at Target the other day with stickers already included. My kids LOVE stickers so I’m hoping that will help motivate them. I just have to hide the stickers so they don’t get used to put them on other things! 

I’m starting out simple with the chore chart, as I have been doing all month. I don’t want to overwhelm them, and then as they get these down, we will add a few more that are specific to their age and ability. 

Starting with my daughter, she will be expected to: 

  • Keep her room straight
  • Put her laundry away
  • Set the table at dinner
  • Put her dishes/cups in the sink
  • Make her bed in the mornings

My son will be expected to: 

  • Straighten his room up
  • Put his dishes/cups in the sink
  • Pick up his laundry and make sure it’s in the hamper
  • Pick up his toys when he is done playing with them

As they get accustomed to this list, I plan on adding a few more for my daughter such as helping to vacuum, loading the dishwasher, wiping down the kitchen table after meals, and keeping their bathroom straight. My son really likes to unload the dishwasher, so that will get added to his list at some point along with keeping the downstairs bathroom straight, and picking up the play room since most of it is his mess. 

There are also places on the chart to remind them to do things that are already expected such as brushing their teeth, showering, reading, and doing their homework. This will take some of their tasks each day and give them a place to earn more stickers. 

I’m hoping this will help with some responsibility and it will definately take some of the load off me. I’m also hoping that it will show them that creating messes is not as much fun when you have to be the one to clean them up instead of Mom or Dad. 

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