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Fall break was last week and it did NOT go as I had planned. I had one sick and put on prednisone, those parents who have had a child on prednisone realize that makes them completely cranky! When he is sick he’s a bit rough to deal with anyway, then put prednisone on top of it and it was a complete nightmare of a long weekend! 

My daughter has faced many challenges in her young life. She was delayed in speech, has sensory issues, and an auditory processing disorder. This has all led to some behavioral issues that used to be much worse. She has come so far, but sometimes we go backwards. My situation with her over fall break began in the grocery store with tantrum to end all tantrums over a cookie. Yes, a cookie! During the summer, I told my daughter that her days of getting the free cookie at the grocery store were over when school started. She was old enough to behave in the store without needing a “bribe” of a free cookie. On Friday, I had taken my daughter shopping to get some fabric to make some jumpers as well as some additional clothes. On the way home, I needed to stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things. I reminded her before we got there – no cookie! It was close to dinner time and the free cookie gig was over, she was too old. 

From the moment we walked in to the store, she started asking for the cookie. I kept telling her no, but she kept on walking with me UNTIL we got to the check out line. She refused to move through the line with me and stood back at a pole in the aisle. I finished paying and loaded the few things in the cart and started to leave. She didn’t follow, repeating that she wanted a cookie. It was then that I knew what was about to happen, though I tried my best to stop it before it escalated. 

I told her I was leaving and goodbye. I got out of her sight which the cashier watching her, and she still didn’t budge. Great. So, I went back and it was then that she sat down on the floor in the middle of the store. The crying started along with repeated statements of wanting the free cookie. I tried to physically move her, which didn’t work. I tried telling her things like “what if her friends saw her”. NOTHING worked. I even tried telling her she wasn’t going to play soccer the next morning if she didn’t get up and come with me that instant. That resulted in her crying more and forcibly blowing snot out her nose at me! You read that correctly – snot. 

At this point, on the inside I wanted to jerk her up and drag her out of there while on the outside I was trying to remain as calm as I possibly could. This went on for oh, twenty  minutes or so. I FINALLY got her up and out of the store and then the tantrum continued in the car with the removal of her seatbelt a few times and once we got home, she threw her shoe at me when I was turning around to tell her to get out, it struck me near my eye and really hurt. 

I finally got her in the house and she spent the next bit crying in the bathroom which was fine. Once my son got home with his prednisone attitude, it was all I could do to survive until they went to bed and then I think I collapsed from physical and mental exhaustion. It had to be one of the worst days we’ve had in a long while and it was really a whopper of a day. 

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