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Yesterday morning, I awoke at my usual time of 5:30 to start the morning ritual of fixing breakfast, packing lunches, and getting everyone dressed, ready, and out the door for school. This particular morning though was more hectic than usual as my husband and I were going to chaperone my son’s field trip to the Pumpkin Patch and the temperature outside was a wonderful 35 degrees! I had so many thing on my mind because of this field trip and a few incidents that happened, that I forgot my daughter’s homework was due today and didn’t put it in her backpack. i didn’t even realize I had done it until 4:30 in the afternoon! I need to organize myself better I do believe! 

The question I’ve had on my mind all evening is whether I’m not organized or am I just not planning ahead well to account for chaotic incidents that throw wrenches in my morning. This morning we had fighting between my son and daughter which resulted in my son hitting the TV screen with the Wii remote and putting a nice star-shaped crack in the screen. Then we had the most scary of all incidents with the puppy.

We were all sitting at breakfast, it was dark outside still, and the two labs were outside like they usually are to take care of their morning business. We heard this horrible noise coming from the puppy. It sounded like she was being killed – it was horrible! We ran to the backdoor and realized she had gotten herself hung up in the swing of the swing set! My husband ran barefoot out in the yard to the swing while I grabbed scissors in case we needed to cut the ropes. How she managed to do this, I have no idea other than her for some reason jumping over the swing set seat and not making it, causing her to get trapped and as she wiggled to free herself, she wrapped herself up in the ropes around her belly and was hanging all four paws in the air! 

Thank goodness we were able to get her free and she ran inside and straight on to the couch, probably traumatized from her experience. We gave her plenty of love and checked her out to make sure we didn’t need an emergency vet visit prior to the field trip. That experience though just threw me all of my train of thought and I began focusing on getting us out the door so we wouldn’t be late. 

I managed to get us all to school on time and even a bit early so the kids could take a few Accelerated Reader test in the library before the bell rang. I got all we needed for the field trip, we were all feed, lunches ready to go, and the puppy was good. I didn’t manage to get my daughter’s homework sheet in her folder though. Keep in mind, it was right where it should be in her pocket in the organizer system that I have by the door. I have been sending this homework back every Friday since school started in August. Today, it just completely slipped my mind. So, I’ve decided instead of doing all I need for backpacks the morning they are needing to go back – I will start doing it at night and adding what needs to be done to my daily list so I don’t forget. 

To keep the chaos at a minimum, I need to organize myself a little better it seems. 

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