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In the past, I have tried to implement chores for the kids. I started when they were young with easy things like picking up their toys at the end of the day, taking their plate to the sink when they were done eating, age appropriate activities. The struggle has always been they are excited for a day or so and then it fades and they just won’t cooperate. I’ve tried attaching an allowance to it as well as other types of rewards without success. 

My goal now is to make it mandatory. There are certain things that a 5 and 7-year-old should be able to do on a regular basis. This not only teaches responsibility, but it takes some of the load off of me. I plan to start with a few things and then as we get used to the concept, add a bit more. 

My daughter should be able to do the following things on a regular basis: 

  • Straighten her room
  • Put her laundry away
  • Set the table at dinner
  • Put her dishes/cups in the sink when she is done using them

My son should be able to do the following things on a regular basis: 

  • Straighten his room
  • Put his dish/cup in the sink when he is done
  • Pick up his toys when he’s done playing with them 

My goal is to start small, especially for the 5-year-old. There are other things they need to do daily, but they fall under tasks for each time period of the day. These include: getting dressed by themselves, brushing their teeth, homework, etc. To reinforce the new mandatory items, I will start off by using the reward system that we currently use with Accelerated Reader points. When the kids hit a goal of x number of days, they will earn a reward of picking a favorite meal for dinner or spending extra special time with Mom and Dad, etc. I’ve moved to a reward system that doesn’t involve buying them anything as this created a huge problem! 

To help the kids to keep track of their chores, I’m creating a chore chart which I will talk about tomorrow! 

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