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Day 29, I thought I would talk more about individual attention but bringing up more engagement with the children. I think at times we all get covered up in things that need to get done; laundry, cleaning, social media, writing, etc. that our children tend to see us always working and not being engaged with them and what interests them. I know that I need to do a better job of that for sure. 

There are a lot of ways to engage children and to be involved in their lives. One way can be over homework. I love doing homework with the kids. I like to see them get the concept and then I encourage them to take it a step further. This helps to build our educational relationship and they wind up learning some fairly interesting things. 

The second way is to plan activities as a family such as family game night, or a new traditional family outing. I really enjoyed spending time with my son at the Pumpkin Patch last week with his class from school. He had a great time playing on the slides, riding the pedal cars, and jumping on the inflatable. He also loved picking out a special little pumpkin just for him. It was such a good experience, other than the freezing cold, that I found myself wishing my daughter was there so we could experience it as a family. She was back at school, learning while we were having a great time. So, I decided we will make going to the pumpkin patch as a family a new tradition. That way we can all go as a family and enjoy the fun to be had there. 

The final thing I’m dong at the moment is I’m coaching their basketball teams. I am hoping that my presence and interest in their sports fun will be engaging for them as well as me. This allows them to know that I will be involved with them, giving them attention, and engaging with them at the same time. 

In these ways, the children can count on me spending time with them and providing that individual attention that they so desperately need. I’m hoping to add more to this so the kids will feel they can depend on the time and even look forward to it. I think it will go a long way to settle the fighting and chaos in the household. 

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