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One of the strangest things happens with my daughter as we get close to the time changing every fall and spring. Her behavior just goes out of control and we regress backwards. This happens no matter how well she has been doing, about two to three weeks prior to the time change, things with her just change. Then, we change time and it’s like a switch is flipped and she goes back to how she was before the bad behavior run.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out really why her behavior changes around the time we move our clocks forward or backward. I would have expected it maybe to change AFTER the time change in response to her sleep being shorted or the days getting shorter, but it’s always BEFORE the time change that we have behavioral issues each fall and spring. 

I have attempted to research on this issue and I haven’t found anything yet on behavior issues prior to time change, always after the time change so I’m baffled. I decided to write about this as part of my 31 Days, because it really does add a lot of chaos to the household and it’s one area where I’m at a loss as to how to “fix”. I am hoping that someone out there has experienced this and might have some suggestions on how to help her through these two to three weeks without it throwing our house in to chaos and her school behavior not suffering either. 

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