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When both of my children were babies, I co-slept with them for the first four months. It was the only way that any of us got any sleep. I loved the co-sleeper right beside the bed and it was truly a life saver. My daughter in particular has had sleep issues her entire life. She has always had issues with going to sleep, staying asleep, and sleeping in her own bed. She’s 7 now and she needs to be in her bed and stay in her bed all night. I decided it was time to implement the rule of “everyone in their own bed”. 

Ever since my daughter was old enough to get out of her bed, even when we put her to bed in her room, she would travel during the night and wind up in bed with my husband and myself. I tried having her stay on the floor and not be able to get in to our bed. That worked until it turned in to winter and the floor was to cold for her to sleep on. Then I moved to our bonus room over the garage so I had room to sleep without being crowded. I was sleeping in my recliner or on the couch. My daughter remained in the bed with my husband. 

Then it got to the point where we just put her to bed there. Well, she started moving again in the middle of the night to sleep in the bonus room with me. Sometimes she would wake her brother up during the middle of the night to fix snacks and play. This  became a huge problem so we put her in the bonus room with me full-time and locked the door where she couldn’t reach it. This ensured that all of us slept all night without being disturbed. 

This has been going on for over a year now and with winter approaching again, and the strange heat situation with that bonus room, I can no longer keep her in there and lock the door. The heat will not cut on and that room will be a freezer. So, I’ve told her that it’s time to be in her own room all night long. She is to go to bed in her bed and stay in it all night without waking anyone up or leaving the second floor of the house. 

So far, we are two nights in and doing great. She hasn’t left her room and has gone to bed in her own bed each night. This rule also applies to my son who from time to time comes to sleep with me or my husband. Every once in a while I can handle if he has a bad dream, it’s storming, or he’s sick but for the most part he’s been told to stay in his bed all night as well. 

It is my hope that we will all sleep a lot better if we are all in our own beds and don’t invade each other’s sleep space. This should help us not being over tired and that contributing to the chaos in the household. 

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