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I look at the clock and it is getting closer to 2:20pm. That is the time I leave the house to go get in line to pick up the kids from school. School lets out at 2:45pm, but you have to get there earlier or you are way back in the line. I sit in my car and look at the clock enjoying the last few minutes of peace and quiet before the kids get in the car. The drive home is short. Once we are all in the house, the chaos ensues. They always go straight to the puppy and let her out. I begin to hear “I’m thirsty, I’m hungry”. I can’t even get in the door before all of this starts. I’ve decided to come up with an order for our afternoon instead of a minute by minute schedule.

There are certain things that need to happen each and every afternoon. I know they need a healthy snack since they eat lunch at 11am. My daughter normally has homework during the week that needs to be completed and also needs to work on math for 10 minutes a day and read for at least 20 minutes per day. My son needs to be read to at least 20 minutes per day and also needs to discuss math concepts for 10 minutes per day. I also want to include some of their chores in the afternoons that won’t take very long.

The afternoon task list will be written on the white board in the kitchen so we can check off the task as we complete them. These are the tasks that I will use:

Free Time
Take a Break
1 chore
Help with dinner
Clear plates from the table

This should hold true for most days Monday through Friday, except for every other Monday when my daughter has Brownies and my son goes to his grandparents after school. Those days, none of us are home before dinner and so it’s a mad dash to make up ground and get dinner on the table so the kids can get showered and in bed on time.

It is my hope that similar to the morning tasks and weekend tasks, that the kids will get in the habit of organizing their time after awhile and we can have a nice peaceful afternoon with some fun thrown in. Luckily soccer ends in a few weeks and we get a month off before basketball starts. That should give us a good month to get our routine down and have it become habit. The final part of the day that I need to tackle is after dinner and I will work on that in a week or so.

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