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This challenge is almost over and as I reflect back over the month at what I have tried to accomplish, look at what things have happened over this last month, and the chaos that we are still having, it has hit me that I can’t fix this in 30 days. I may not be able to fix this in 3 months or a year, but I can keep trying. Even though this challenge is almost done, my work will not be done until I get peace in this household and have some sort of a normal heartbeat with the family and in the home. 

There are many areas that still need to be addressed and I realized that over this past weekend. We haven’t had a lot of family pictures taken since my son was an infant. In fact, the only family picture we have of us in recent years was on a cruise in 2011. I wanted some new family pictures that were different. Not in a studio and posed like we had always had done. I wanted outdoor shots where some were posed, some were not posed and captured the sweet moments that I have with my children. I wanted pictures that showed “family” and “love”. 

I searched high and low in our town for a photographer. The ones I tried first were all booked up for Fall pictures. The second set that I found were all too expensive, like over the top expensive. I was about to give up when I found a third round of photographers to contact and I found one that I could afford, that had a date available in a week, and seemed nice to work with. I made the appointment, paid the fee for the shoot, and waited for a week until that day. It would have happened last weekend, but if you picked up on the first part of the sentence, “would have”, you know that it didn’t happen at all. 

That day started like most, very early, and with lots of fighting between the kids. We then had my daughters last soccer game and due to it being so cold, I decided to take my son to the grocery store. When all of us got home and after lunch, I was still stressing over what we all were going to wear when all heck broke loose with the kids. They had destroyed the screen in the window of my daughter’s room so they could throw things out the window in to the mulch bed below. Then, they trashed her room, and finally, they found some craft paint and painted on the walls in her room. All the while, I thought they were playing quietly in her room and doing well. Quiet should have been my first warning. 

When I confronted them, my daughter went in to one of her fits and my son just got even more mischievous and mean. Things escalated to the point where time was slipping away and the realization hit me that it was foolish of me to try and schedule pictures of this “mess”. I called my Mom in tears, explained what was going on. She said that I wasn’t foolish, but that I was hopeful and today my hopes were trampled. 

There are still many things that need to be addressed to fix the chaos in this home, starting with an honest evaluation of the foundation the family is built on. Is it strong enough to hold this family up? If not, what can be done about it?  Without a strong foundation, a home or family can’t stand. 

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