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Believe it or not, my rheumatoid arthritis also contributes to the chaos of this household as well as the physical condition of the house. It may seem like a cop-out, but there are days when I can barely get through the day much less be the Mom that I want to be and should be.

I was diagnosed with this auto immune disease at the end of January of 2013. I have been placed on multiple medications to improve the inflammation and pain, as well as the fatigue that I have daily. So far, none of the medications have worked. They have produced a lot of unpleasant side effects however which have made life challenging to say the least. The first medicine I was on made me so foggy in my head that I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to do each day without notes placed everywhere! I even had the kids reminding me what I needed to do. The rest of the medications have left me sick like I have the flu and still dealing with constant pain and inflammation in my joints.

My daughter in particular is aware of how my RA causes me to not be able to do things like I used to and most times she is helpful, but sometimes she takes advantage of that. Normally it is when her brother is home. It’s funny, when I only have one of the children at home alone, it doesn’t matter which one, they are much better behaved then when the two of them are here together. Anyway, my son doesn’t really “get it” with my illness except for the fact that he knows I can’t chase him around the house and uses that to his advantage.

My illness does add to the chaotic life in the household since I’m not able to stay on top of the kids as much as I need to in order to get their chaos to end. It is one reason I’m working through these 31 days and implementing small changes to see if I can get a handle on things despite my illness and make this house an enjoyable place for all. My task personally over the next 31 days is to get back to saving my energy when the kids are at school so that I have the energy when they get home to be the Mom that I want to be. I’m going to do that my getting back to pacing myself and not trying to overdo it several days out of the week.

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