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It’s a new week in the household and this week, my goal is to continue to use our morning schedule checklist, keep the new rule 1 implemented, and work on implementing an afternoon checklist and another new rule as we work to end the chaos in the household.

The first week went well and I noticed mornings went a lot smoother in the house. The kids didn’t fight as much, there was less yelling from them and consequently from me. I have to say that working on each section of the day one at a time has worked much better than trying to throw all the new rules at them at the same time.

Where I’m going with things this month is that I want to get the afternoon schedule implemented for the time between the kids arriving home from school and dinner. Then I want to get a good routine for the evenings so bedtime will go much better around here. I am going to implement a few more rules to end the fighting and add a bit more structure to the home environment. I also intend to implement chore charts for the kids.

The one area that I’m not sure about how to address at this point is weekends. Weekends tend to throw off all the routine that I have implemented during the week. Weekends are extremely rough around here. I’m open to suggestions on how to work on the weekends from those that have been through it, please leave comments below.

I hope you will stick with me as I continue on this journey.

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