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As I mentioned yesterday, I have implemented a new rule in the mornings which so far has been helping the kids to not fight as much and to pay attention to eating and getting ready for school. The new rule? No TV in the mornings before school! It used to be that when the kids got up, they came downstairs and parked themselves on the couch and the TV went on. One kid or the other had control over the remote and they would pick what they wanted to watch off the streaming Netflix. This would usually result in fighting if it was something the other child didn’t want to watch. This fighting would escalate to screaming and it was the typical start of the day around here!

Well, I had noticed that along with the fighting that my son would sit there with his breakfast on his lap for what seemed like forever and never eat a bite. This usually resulted in his breakfast being stolen at some point by one of the dogs in the house and him crying and pitching a fit. It also resulted in him not eating a good enough breakfast. The reason this routine got started was because I was usually fixing lunches, fixing breakfast, fixing food for me to take to work for the day, and basically getting everything and everyone ready to leave the house in the mornings by myself.  So, in essence, the TV was used to babysit the kids and I know that’s wrong but that’s how it was.

The kids realize the new rule is in place and after the first few days, I have to say it’s working well. I didn’t take away all the things that distract them in the mornings. They still have the ability to play games on the WII or on the iPad and for now I’m OK with that because it usually doesn’t result in as much craziness as the TV did. They also are eating better since we are all at the table for breakfast because there is now no reason to eat in front of the TV. I’m going to give them a few more days to get used to this rule and then I will implement the next rule that I hope will end the chaos in the afternoons.

Tomorrow we will take a look at one other source of chaos in the household and it’s not what you think it might be!

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