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Since January of this year, I have been unable to work and been home which has been a huge difference for me. I was very involved in my career and working my way to the top and often my days were filled with work even when I came home. The thing I wasn’t able to do being a career woman is to get involved in my children’s lives at school as well as extracurricular activities. One of the joys that I have had by being home during this time is to be able to get involved more with the kids outside of the house as well as inside the house. I have definitely seen a difference in the kids as far as their learning and enthusiasm for school and extracurricular activities just by getting involved.

Before I had children, career was everything. It was hard to switch gears when my children did come along and I found that I was trying to “do it all”. Is it possible to have the career that I was aiming for and be a Mom? Sure, it would have been but I have to say that the thing that always suffered was home and my children. It didn’t really hit me how much it was suffering until I began working with my daughter this past spring on homework. I noticed it really helped her grades and her understanding. If I had been working and getting home like I was, I would have never been able to assist her with homework at all. That is especially true this year when I have both my children in school. I look at all that I need to help with for both of them and there would have been no way to get all that accomplished while I was working like I was.

The other benefit of being home due to my RA is that I’m able to be involved more at their school when I’m physically able to. I participate in my son’s class by reading to them, I’m helping out with the PTA, and helping with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. There are times when I’m not physically able to do these things, but just being able to do them at all has made a world of difference to the kids and honestly, to me. I am getting to know their teachers, the staff at the school, and it is helpful to be involved as much as you can.

I know that not everyone has the ability to be involved due to having to work. I completely understand as we have turned in to a society where it’s almost impossible financially for only one parent to work and to keep our financial obligations. What I would do differently though is to turn off work when I came home, find a work schedule and position that allowed me to be satisfied with what I was doing but have the flexibility to be involved at my children’s school and be home when I needed to be. So, my advice and one thing that I did prior to this 31 Day Challenge to help ease the chaos in the house was to be at home. It was a choice that I didn’t make but was made for me due to my health. Sometimes positives can come out of negative situations.

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