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Weekends tend to be something that I dread now that I’m home all the time. The main reason that I dread them? Bored kids! I hear almost all day, all weekend, “I’m bored”, “Let’s go somewhere”. When the kids don’t have the normal routine of the week and I am having to fill an entire day from 6am until 8pm with activities for them, it gets very challenging. We all know that bored kids equal lots of opportunities for acting out and causing chaos in the house.

My kids tend to not sleep in at all, especially my son who is up at the crack of dawn it seems. That makes for a very long day of finding things for them to do to stay out of trouble. Saturdays right now are filled with soccer in the morning for my daughter so that helps with the morning for her. My son however plays soccer on Friday nights so he really doesn’t have much to do. He is in Kindergarten so not much homework to occupy his time and my daughter’s homework comes home on Monday and is due back on Friday.

We do take them places when we are able, meaning when we have some cash to do so and when my health allows. However, that is not possible all day, everyday, of every weekend. The dilemma is what to do to keep them occupied and out of trouble? So, this weekend is going to be challenging in that my husband will be working all day Saturday in preparation for them shutting down next Friday due to the government shut down. That leaves me at home, alone, with both kids all day. Normally I count the hours until he gets home so that I have a little help.

Tomorrow we will start a weekend “Task and Fun List”. I have a white board in my kitchen so I will write down all the things that need to get done on Saturday along with some fun things like playing basketball outside and they can choose the order we do these things. There will be some time built-in that they will need to start learning to entertain themselves without getting in trouble.

For Saturday, the items on the list will include: Soccer in the AM for my daughter and my son will go as well to watch, working on their rooms, putting up laundry, playing outside, and playing Wii, and Reading for at least 20 minutes. When it comes to things like working on their rooms and putting up laundry, I have started letting them break those down in to 20 minute sections. I set the timer on the microwave and they work on their task for 20 minutes and then they can take a break and do something fun. If the task is not complete, we do another 20 minutes, until it is done.

If they follow through on all the tasks, then this Sunday we have an outing planned to one of our local pumpkin patches in the afternoon for some fall fun! That will be the reward this weekend. I have started coming up with a lot of different rewards lately that don’t involve purchasing them items, I will talk more about that next week. It has really worked out well and allows us to spend more time together without spending a lot of money and putting more toys in to the house.

So, this weekend we will try the weekend task and fun list and see if that helps with the boredom and the chaos of the weekends. I will update you all next week as to how it went. If anyone has any suggestions on how you handle the weekends with bored kids, please comment below. I may need some back up plans for when the task and fun list gets old or they aren’t particularly cooperative one weekend.

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