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Growing up, I was always a stickler for routine and traditions. I didn’t like change much. My Mom tells me that when I was at a very young age, I got very upset when she changed the placement of Christmas decorations. I liked them where they always were! I have a lot of favorite Christmas traditions that were a huge part of my childhood. Some I have kept as an adult, some have changed, and some new ones have been created. 

Christmas growing up for me started Christmas Eve. We would have the family over to our house for dinner and then my grandparents and prior to his marriage, my uncle, would all sleep there that night. My grandmother would run interference on Christmas morning when I would sneak out of bed and want to get up at 4am. I remember one year, I wasn’t in my bed but with my Mom in her bed. I had to get up during the middle of the night and I swear that I heard sleigh bells outside. Their wasn’t anyone in our family that would have been able to do that. It is amazing the power of the mind! 

Christmas morning involved me running in to the living room to see what Santa had left me. My Mom always put my gifts from Santa out on display and put together ready to play with. Some years I had letters from Santa even! I would play with all my new stuff for a while and then we would look at our stockings. Breakfast consisted of sausage patties, biscuits, baked apples, and gravy for the sausage and biscuits. Those mornings were the best. I even remember calling one of my best friends at like 5:30 in the morning to see what she got from Santa! 

Being an only child, I was a hard-core believer in Santa and believed in him for as long as possible – probably until 5th grade I would have to say! I didn’t want to let that magic go because it was so great to me! Even now, I have a hard time sleeping the night of Christmas Eve because of the excitement of Christmas morning and the memories of it. 

Christmas afternoon/evening would be spent at my grandparents house most years and I loved having dinner there and spending time there. It was a great way to celebrate the holidays. As I got older, and my uncle and aunt had children, we would switch things up a bit. Sometimes they were here for Christmas morning but most times they came in Christmas afternoon. 

Other traditions that I loved growing up included getting new PJ’s on Christmas Eve. I love PJ’s to this day. Unfortunately, my children did not appreciate this tradition and it seemed every year something happened so that the Christmas PJ’s didn’t make it through the night to Christmas morning. We are scrapping that tradition. 

I loved looking at lights when I was a child. Back then, people usually only had the candle type lights in their windows and it was neat to see a different color like blue when you would drive through the neighborhood. I love taking my own kids to drive around and look at the lights. There are some great ones now with all kinds of things in people’s yards. The kids love it! 

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy this time with your family. Check back with me tomorrow for the latest install of 50 Questions in 50 Weeks!