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It is almost time for Cinco de Mayo! This Burrito Bowl idea is so simple but creates a meal that will keep you full. The possibilities for toppings can be completely customized to your taste and heat level.

I kept this very simple and used some rice, refried beans, pork that I made the previous day for tacos, cheese, tomatoes, and some ranch dressing on top. You could also add black beans instead of refried beans, lettuce, hotter peppers, or even some corn might taste really great on this burrito bowl.

I started out with some shredded pork that I had left over from the previous day. I used the Pork Carnitas recipe that I have that cooks in the crock pot – super easy! You could use chicken, ground beef, or a mixture for the meat in the bowl. I layered the mexican rice on the bottom and then topped that with some refried beans.

Placed my meat on top of the beans along with some cheese and tomatoes. I finished off the bowl with some ranch dressing! It was AMAZING! I love being able to put the ingredients that I enjoy in to a bowl and it all work together nicely. The beans and meat really do keep you full for a very long time with just a little bowl..

Burrito Bowls

Mexican flavored rice
Refried Beans
Shredded Pork (or could use chicken, ground beef, or a mixture of all)
Mexican Blend Cheese
Tomatoes, diced
Ranch dressing
Other toppings you might enjoy – peppers, lettuce, corn, etc. Be creative!