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This weekend I am participating in the Biannual Blogathon Bash! For the next three days, I will be putting in extra hours working on not only Detours in Life but my other blog FamilyVacay.net and preparing to launch two additional blogs in the coming weeks including one to launch my website design and customization service! If you are need of a site makeover, you will want to keep an eye out for the launch of my new service offerings. I will be providing site design and support at affordable prices for those on a budget and starting out! More on that in the coming weeks!

For those of you new to Detours in Life – welcome! My name is Alecia and I have been blogging here at Detours for a little over a year. This was a way for me to find new meaning in a new life of not working outside the home after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’m enjoying life and doing the things that I love and make me happy rather than being stressed all the time with the daily grind, which greatly impacted my health. I really love sharing recipes, craft ideas, and to travel. Familyvacay.net is where you will find all of my travel posts. It is relatively new and growing. I will also be launching a new site that is travel oriented in the coming weeks and will help you get your children interested in history by traveling! Can’t wait to share it all with you!

Please take a look around using the menu at top. Some of my most popular posts are over on the left. If you have any feedback, recommendations, anything – please feel free to contact me!

Some of my goals for this blogathon are:

1. Get the design and consulting website finished, up and running.

2. Create my mailing list and get it started with Detours in Life. I want to really reach out to those that have signed up and share not only the recent post but get feedback on what they want to see more of, don’t want to see, etc.

3. Get both FamilyVacay and Detours in Life editorial calendars up to date and get the post written and scheduled for the next 3 weeks.

4. Get the new travel site content written and prepare to launch.

5. Get all my emails sorted, especially the financial related emails from May and June and get those printed and filed.

6. Participate in as many mini-challenges as possible!

  • Completed: The Whys and Hows of a Newsletter for your blog
  • Completed: Get Organized with these must -do blog tasks.
  • Completed: 7 Key Things Your Blog Should Have.
  • Completed: Present a User Friendly Blog Layout.
  • Completed: Increasing Blog Productivity from the previous Blogathon
  • Completed: 8 Tips to Growing Your Instagram Following
  • Participated in 3 Twitter Parties for the Blogathon.

7. Complete two trainings that I have been taking over the last week, I want them done! One done! Woo Hoo – one more to go but it’s 8 hours of training so I don’t know if I’ll get it all done this weekend or not. I will try though!

8. Create a new weekly link up on Detours as well as one on FamilyVacay. (Accepting co-host if anyone is interested)
– Wonderful Wednesday Pinterest Party will run on Detours and  Family Travel Thursday will run on FamilyVacay. These will start in the next two weeks!

*Total time spent on Friday: 8.5 hours
*Total time spent on Saturday so far: 5 hours
*Total time spent on Sunday: 1.5 hours so far

If you want more information about the Biannual Blogathon Bash and how you can be involved this weekend, click on the banner below!