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Most of our kids are back in school with some starting in the next week or so, so I thought I would give you 10 more quick dinner recipes. These easy meals are sure to make those weeknights better when all the extracurricular activities start up again. I know it can get crazy to get everyone fed at home and in a timely manner and to avoid the drive thru or take out options. I hope these will help you out! They are staples in my family when the nights get busy.

This Simple Enchilada Bake comes together quick and can be made ahead and put in the freezer to make it even faster! I love this yummy combination of ground beef, flour tortillas, and black beans. Full of protein and not too spicy!

These Easy French Dip Sandwiches are sure to be a hit! They come together fast thanks to thinly sliced deli roast beef and allow for customization so that everyone has the sandwich they want!

These Baked Club Sandwiches are a frequent option at our house. Using deli sliced ham, turkey, and roast beef, these come together fast and are great as leftovers when heated up in the toaster oven. We love to dip these in ranch dressing at our house!

Yep, the old stand by, the quesadilla maker. These thing allows for complete customization but in this recipe, I am making BBQ Chicken and Monterey Jack Quesadillas. Simple, fast, and completely filling – these are sure to be a hit.

This Irish Beef Stew comes together nicely in the crock pot. It can be made the evening prior while you sleep and then placed in the refrigerator to be reheated when you get home. Serve with some frozen mashed potatoes and you have dinner in less than 15 minutes!

There are nights when we feel like having Breakfast food for dinner and this Ham and Broccoli quiche is one of the things I will often fix. It is breakfast related but filling enough with a salad to be a meal! Super easy and takes about 30 to 35 minutes to prepare and bake.

This is another crock pot recipe, this time for Easy Pork Tenderloin. If you can’t tell, I really enjoy using my crock pot. It is super easy and when you get home, you have a great meal ready to go. This one is no exception – using the same recipe I use for a roast, I just substituted a pork tenderloin and the flavor is amazing with very tender pork.

These Mini Burgers are a family favorite. They are simple to put together, require a quick grilling, and each person can customize their own little burger with what they like – cheese, ketchup, mustard, and pickles. Much healthier than what you can get at the drive thru!

This Creamy Cheese Rotini with Garlic is super easy to cook. This meal comes together in less than 30 minutes and is sure to please.

I absolutely love Turkey Shepherds Pie. It is so yummy, especially on those fall nights. It’s a great way to have a meal in one dish that includes vegetables! Yummy!